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COOT-Microfiber Mesh Cooling Towel (40"x12") for Workout, Outdoor & Sports Activities

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This highly evaporative and breathable microfiber mesh towel provides instant cooling and can be easily activated by soaking in water, wringing, and snapping it. Its unique cooling system uses moisture to draw away sweat from the skin, keeping you cool for up to 2 hours. It is suitable for everyone, including pets, and contains no chemicals. This multipurpose sports towel is ideal for outdoor activities, indoor exercise, fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, and sun protection. Rinse the towel in water from time to time to remove salty water for optimal evaporation and cooling. For maximum cooling effect maintain direct contact of the towel and the skin. Stay cool this summer with our COOT-Microfiber Mesh Cooling Towel.

Size: 40" x 12"

Individually bagged with retail packaging

Available Colors: Blue and Green


Color: Blue